Product Summary

● Self-Sharpening Tungsten Rotary Blade: For durability & a sharp cut every time.
● Transparent Clamping Bar: Hold the trimming material in place while allowing you to monitor the trimming process.
● Side Guide & Adjustable Depth Guide: For an easy & precise alignment.
● Trimming Materials: Paper, newsprint, cardboard, plastic films, vellum, aluminum foil, vinyl, pvc, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, leather, veneer, etc.

Product Specifications


Model Roll@Blade 460 Roll@Blade 680 Roll@Blade 920 Roll@Blade 1600
Item Code TM460 TM680 TM920 TM1600
Max. Trimming Length 18”(457mm) 27”(685mm) 36”(920mm) 64”(1600mm)
Table Dimensions 18”x15” 27”x15” 36”x15” 64”x15”
Cutting Capacity 15 sheets (20lbs)  10 sheets (20lbs) 
Machine Dimensions 645x485x110mm 775x485x110mm 1010x485x110mm 1690x485x110mm
Machine Weight 5.6kg 7.4kg 8.5kg 14kg
Package Dimensions 775x550x160mm 1000x550x160mm 1210x550x160mm 1940x550x160mm
Package Weight 7.8kg 9.7kg 11.2kg 18.2kg
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